A big cloud is going to cover Lebanon on 26th of April

Known as one of the most modern and educated people in the region, it's not surprising to see Lebanese people embracing cloud computing and adapting to latest technology trends.

The beautiful Beirut is expecting a big cloud event on 26th of April where three consultants from Oracle will be delivering presentations and demos about new and exciting solutions.

What we know for now is that Zaid al Qaddoumi will be talking about IAAS (Infrastructure As A Service) and the latest trends like Ravello, the crazy stuff that let you move your VmWare virtual machine to the cloud without any change or effort needed.. don't ask me much about it, for me it's kind of magic but it's real.

Then Kamal Omran will show us how we can take something boring like reports and make them appealing to everyone. Without having a PHD in analytics and reporting. Easy and rapidly to generate some fancy reports using cloud tools that can connect to multiple sources and provide a great reports with great look and feel. As per the experts, this tools can also predict the future with a right click. Sort of like my wife when I take her to the mall

Wissam Diab from his side, will tell us more about how we can resolve application and service integration problems using pure cloud tools. If you already heard about SOA and application integration, I am pretty sure you will understand everything he will be talking about. He amazed me with the simplicity of dragging and dropping and creating an integration for my two applications. Something that took me hours, weeks and even months to figure out.

Mr Diab will also provide a session about IT and Log Analytics where you can monitor your servers, databases, machines and even forecast the future. This tool can even tell you when are you going to have a downtime or why your application is slow.

The sad part of the story is, the registration is closed due to the huge number of attendees

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