How I have done this to myself!

I was living in peace with my family and everything was easy. I did not need anything more and those around filled me with happiness! I was a brilliant student with all the success anyone could ask for at my age.

Right after earning my diploma, I joined a good company where I earned a decent salary and, thankfully, my work was highly appreciated. Things progressed normally, and one day, all of the sudden, I received a letter that I was waiting for quite a while: Congrats you are admitted in our University.

Look, I want a better life and an engineering diploma in IT from a reputed university. So I decided to go for it. And so, I resigned! And on the packing day, nothing could match how happy I was knowing that I am living the dream I drew when I was teen.

I wish it lasted longer though!
Sadly enough, my dad passed away few days later and the whole family stood in shock. Things then became complicated as my thoughts battle to whether I should leave or stay! However, my family knew how much this trip is important to me. So despite the sadness for our loss, they gave me the courage I needed to pursue my dream!

Bienvenue à Paris!
Day 1, it is a massive change. Everything is new: culture, food, language, people … Literally, like landing in China for the first time.
So what did I do? I started attending courses and had to double my efforts as my French was not perfect. I failed the first exam and, therefore, decided to change my path from PhD to engineering as it is more valued in France.

I joined an engineering school in the east of France where in case you fail 3 courses during your 3 academic years, they kick you in the butt without looking back. So I seriously pushed myself over my limits and later became known as the brilliant master mind student, who was exempted from a full semester. This award allowed me to kick-off my professional career 6 months before my other classmates.

The first Job
CGI or Logica Business Consulting was the first company I worked for and that’s after passing a whole day of exams. Working with such a big company gave me the chance to work for very big names in Paris and acquire an extremely valuable experience.

Years later the company was acquired by the giant Canadian group CGI, the same time when I got an offer from a French company! Guess what? I took the new job following my passion to its foundation: the CEO is only 33 years, he started the company 11 years ago by himself and by the time I joined, it employed almost 2000 employees. While there, I worked on the integration of a core banking system with a total cost of 80 million euros. The biggest project ever!!

And so, things are pretty well. My wife got her HR diploma and everything is heading the right way.

The entrepreneur experience
And in 2011, I launched my own online business where I developed websites and applications. With the help of wife in business development and lead generation, we delivered projects in France, UAE, Australia and Lebanon. Then I launched my online newspaper. And after 2 years, it became a big success: It generated large volume of traffic (30K daily visitors), Ads sales took off, and acquirers approached us.

My wife called saying: My god the website is hacked and they are threatening us
And just as things were perfect, we got hacked by a professional group who hate the freedom of speech, even our Facebook page that counts 60K fans got a huge number of reports and was shut down by Facebook for six months.

A three years of very hard work seemed wasted, right? No, because look I have learned a lot: how to write viral articles, how to deal with people, how to master social media, marketing, digital marketing, SEO, making users more loyal and put strategy to let them spend more time on the website and generate more revenue. So my time was not really lost.

I already ate enough cheese, what's next?
Nine years in France have passed and by then, I received my diploma, I took the experience I need,my wife has her HR diploma, most of our friends opted for new challenges outside France and unfortunately the economy is becoming tough. So we realized that it’s time to move somewhere else. I published my CV online and was targeting four countries (Canada, Hong Kong, United Kingdom and UAE).

After some serious thoughts and considerations, we were determined to relocate to Dubai since I have family there and the weather is more convenient to us.

Already two years
Today, I am exactly completing two years at Oracle Dubai and happy that I made this choice. I learned a lot about cloud technologies and met hundreds of customers in more than 20 countries. I got the opportunity to work on strategic projects and help customers achieving their goals. But this came also with a bit of a challenge: I was not that good in English and instead of dealing with one culture, I dealt with tens.

I am sorry darling
The only victim in this story is my wife who decided to join me in Dubai and still didn’t find a job in business development. But you know in life any action you take have pros and cons. Nonetheless, I sort of feel guilty and greedy for thinking about myself foremost.

And so, I decided to write this article to share my experience with people who have the habit of quitting when facing obstacles in their life. My message is if I can do it, then you can do it. Never give up.

Finally, a gently summary to highly the key points in my experience: left my first job on the first dream opportunity, dad passed away days before my travel, I failed the first exam in university, I faced the language barrier, I had to deal with completely new culture and friends, my business got destroyed after quite a nice success, it got destroyed a second time, moving again to a new country and new culture.. And for sure this is not the end

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