The dentist who changed my life

Like many other people, one of my biggest fear is visiting dentists. After nights fighting with my wisdom tooth, I finally gave up and called the doctor.
I am now under the spot, she is too calm, relaxed and smiling. That relaxed me a bit. After the X-Ray, she started explaining me in details why I have this pain and why we need to remove the tooth.

She offered me water as I will not be able to drink for the next following two hours. Before the anesthesia, she prepared me saying: “First one, you will not feel anything, the second injection, you will feel a bit of pressure at the beginning and that’s it”

Now I am under anesthesia, doctor is doing the operation, things are happening, but I can’t see anything, this is frustrating as I have zero control on the situation. But doctor was updating me with information all the time…. And now tooth is out :)

She said: bravo, good boy.. And then gave me a paper with her mobile number and all instructions about what to do after the surgery and that was absolutely very helpful.

Let’s decode
She relaxed the patient or customer, she proposed him a last thing to do before starting the operation.. In your case it might be data backup or application migration or anything else.

During the operation she was updating him on the progress and explaining him, and that’s very important as he has no clue about dental stuff.

And most important, after the operation she didn’t disappear, she was committed and gave him best practices and things to do or avoid.

Treat your customers that way, and they will return to you… At the end, why it’s a memorable story for me, because everything in details was ABOUT ME, nothing about her or her fancy latest products and machines..

Moral of the story
Focus on your customer needs not on your product.. Always remember, it’s all ABOUT HIM not about me

This doctor changed my life and I hope YOU ARE NEXT

Image credit: oral answers

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