Cloud battle is over and Oracle won it

"We are completely transforming the way all companies buy and use cloud by providing flexibility and choice," said Ellison. "Today, we combined the lowest prices with the highest performance and more automation to deliver a lower total cost of ownership for our customers."

Oracle announced a new pricing model that we can split in two buckets.

The first one is UNIVERSAL credits... Imagine going to a restaurant, you drink half a glass, you eat a slice of pizza, one bite of your burger and you only pay what you have consumed... NO it’s not the traditional pay as you go model. Think of a buffet.

To translate, you will pay a certain amount in the beginning and you will be able to use all Oracle Platform and infrastructure product within the limit of your credit. It’s an all you can eat bonanza.

That means you will not have to pay for each product separately. If you have a project, you can use anything you need from the Oracle buffet. Yes that means, you use a product for a one time data migration from on premise to cloud, than you build you mobile application using MCS (Mobile Cloud Service), you can use integration solution to integrate with SAAS, then at the end of the month you can use the monitoring tools to do a health checkup for your systems… You see, you are not locked anymore. The possibilities of how you consume the cloud will be like never before.

The second one is BYOL… Bring Your Own License but to PAAS not IAAS. IAAS is still there but here we are clearly talking about bringing your existing licenses to the Platform As A Service. You can finally leverage that on premise investment and take it to the cloud with you.

Imagine you buy a car and you pay for regular service, then one day the dealer comes to you and offers you a new or the same car on the cloud while leveraging your previous investment. All you have to do is keep paying for your yearly service.

In conclusion, you have “Your Oracle Products” (the rule doesn’t apply to all of them) on premise, you get the same on cloud as a service, so you don’t have the hardware, maintenance, configuration and tuning headache anymore, all the while leveraging your existing investment. Now go find any other cloud provider who can offer you the same value. Let’s take you to the cloud.

Reach out to Wissam Diab for any clarifications and stay tuned for more updates on this announcement.


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